Colchicum luteum-Sunit Singh

Colchicum luteum-Sunit Singh
Common name-Yellow Colchicum
Barf-basant in Dogri
Vire Kum in Kashmiri.
Yellow Colchicum is useful in the treatment of rheumatic swelling.A paste made with saffron and egg can be applied beneficially to rheumatic and other swellings.Dried and powdered root of the plant is useful in the healing of wounds.It should be sprinkled on the affected area(source google)
It is source of COLCHICIN(generally from Colchicum autmnale) which is specific MITOTIC OR SPINDLE POISON.
It inhibits the spindle fibre formation during metaphase stage of cell division,use for cytological studies.
Flowering starts from Dec-feb,Captured in Jan 2015.


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