Ravenala madagascariensis- Sunit Singh Chouhan

Plant full of misconception.
Ravenala madagascariensis- Sunit Singh Chouhan
Common Names: traveler’s palm, traveler’s tree
The traveler’s palm is one of nature’s most distinctive and remarkable plants.The traveler’s palm (not a true palm) has been described as being part banana plant and part palm tree. Its long petioles (leaf stems) and deep green leaves resemble those of the banana and extend out from the trunk like the slats of a giant hand fan.The traveler’s palm is considered to be one of nature’s most spectacular trees and is a superb accent plant.
Captured at TIPU SULTAN’S PALACE BANGALORE.For some tourists it is Banana tree,and Heliconia(False bird of Paradise) for many others,so at that time its full of Misconception for many peoples but not for me.


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