Kamakhya Temple, Guwahati, Assam Dr CM Seth IFS

Kamakhya Temple, Guwahati, Assam Dr CM Seth IFS
Kamakhya Temple is located on the hilltop of Nilachal hills overlooking Brahamputra river and Guwahati city in a panoramic view. Nilachal hill is a protected forest. There is only one metaled road which connects temple with the main city. Kamakhya temple built from 5th to 17th century by different kings is the world seat and HQ of Tantric Hinduism worshiping Goddes of fertility and Shakti Yoni. The architecture of temple is typical Nilachal style unique to Assam temple architecture with four chambers comprising of Garbagriha, Calanta, Pancharatna and Nritya Mandapa in east to west direction. There are several temples on this hill. The architecture is also described as a Hybrid style with a bulbous polygonal dome over a cruciform Rath. Garbagriha is 20 feet below ground with only Yoni made of natural stone. Outside temple there are two Murtis of Shakti goddess. It iss one of the 51 shakti Peeths in India. In the temple Buffalo, Goat, Pigeons and fish are sacrificed. Some times vegetables are also offered as sacrifice.
Temple is an important pilgrimage of Hindu Tantric worshipers. It attracts tantric devotees from all over India particularly during annual festivals of Anubach Mela, Marasha Puja and Durga Puja during Navratras of Autumn. It is reported by the Chinese historians that Tanric Budhism also originated from this temple.
Metal Lion and sculptured pillars of God and goddess’s are great attraction to tourists. While visiting this temple one should avoid priests who fleece the visitors with different rates of Darshan of Garbagrihya. One should also avoid monkeys who are in good number in the temple. There are number of pigeons near the temple may be kept for sacrifices but their condition is miserable. Most of them are diseased and are seen lying dead or dying near the outskirts of temple. I appeal to Assam government and the Pujaris of this temple to stop the sacrifice of the pigeons and direct animal husbandry department to start a bird care health center inside the temple. No cameras are allowed inside the temple but visitors generally take pictures with their mobiles.


  1. I think buffaloes are not sacrificed in the temple. And pigeons are also very beautiful birds are not sacrificed in the temple we can only used goat for sacrificed .

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